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creativity is our business


Creating visual concepts, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers


Building your corporate identity through branding, marketing, and advertising your company’s unique strengths


Supplying our clients with a professional image gives them the advantage in a competitive market

Don’t just take my word for it…

  • "Barbara is tenacious in her project management skills, ensuring every detail is addressed. She listens to the business opportunity and develops just the right angle for messaging and creative. A joy to the work place!"

    Cathleen O'Banion Director of Marketing at Neighbors Emergency Center
  • “Barbara is a joy to work with. She is very creative but also well organized and prioritizes well. She has a real ability to see things from the customer perspective. She is open to new ideas and flexible. She also has very high integrity."

    Hazel Kassu President of Recruiting at BIC Alliance
  • "Barbara is thorough in her approach and talented in giving a bland product appeal to consumers. I would gladly recommend Barbara."

    Kirt Scott President/CEO emere
  • “Barbara is a positive, energetic and enthusiastic person. She brings these qualities to her job and it has a good impact on those around her. Barbara has talents as a graphic designer but has also focused on and added social media marketing to her skills. She is very loyal and has high ethical standards. I highly recommend Barbara.”

    Bo Sasnett President of D&H United Fueling Solutions
  • "I have known Barbara for over ten years. She is a talented and experienced graphic designer and I should like to comment on the voluntary work she has been doing for Care House Life Ministries during the last five or six years. She has been an invaluable asset. She is loyal, committed, and in truth, she is well liked by everyone she interacts with."

    Ralph Koehrer President, Otus Partners, Inc
  • "I have known Barbara for many years. Her exuberance for artistic design in marketing as well as her friendliness and enthusiasm while interacting with others within the company is inspiring. Barbara is well versed in graphics design and has applied that very well to everyday marketing demands. Barbara is bringing the world of social media into our company."

    Walter Woodrow VP of Engineering
  • "Barbara has all the skills needed for social media marketing, web design and graphic design. I worked with Barbara for well over 5 years and I can say with certainty that she is dedicated to providing a product that will get the best results. She is a person of high integrity and someone who I am proud to call a friend."

    Jim Timmer President at JTDS Ventures

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